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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An Arts Fest in a Charming New England Town

Hello, dear friends. I hope that you are enjoying your week.  I got up this morning with the full intention of writing my answers to the weekly Hodgepodge questions, but to my dismay, it was canceled for this week.

I went through my pictures looking for a touch of inspiration when I realized I had not done a post about the North River Arts Society Festival of the Arts that the Mister and I attended last month.  We have attended the festival for four years.  Here is a post from our first time when Sista and BIL came for a visit. 

Marshfield Hills is a village in Marshfield.  The center of the village has been designated a historic district and listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.  It is on the water, and many residents own boats as well as fishing rods.

Here's your geography lesson for the day.
It is 30 miles from the Cape.

Many local artists set up their easels during the festival.

Stunning historic homes make this community the epitome of New England Charm.

Oil, Watercolor, and photography were on exhibit as well as for sale.

The lovely lady that ran this booth has a shop at Scituate Harbor.

The Mister told me that he would buy me one of these necklaces if I let him buy a boat.  Nice try, Mister.

For the person who has everything... a stone liquor dispenser.

Every year I buy a Festival print.
Don't worry, the letters are not backward.

Within steps of the Arts Society, "The Genny" otherwise known as the Marshfield Hills General Store is located.  It has great gift items, a fabulous selection of wine, and plenty of penny candy.

... Oh yeah, one more thing.
It's owned by a movie star.
that's what she said.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anatomy of a Book Club - Take 2

Happy Sunday, dear friends.  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend.  Yesterday, we woke up to a very wet Saturday morning which was unfortunate for all the brave bike riders donating their time and efforts to raise money for MS.  We live on a hill, and my heart went out to the ones struggling in the frequent downpours.  Hats off to the brave bikers!!

The weather cleared, and it turned into a beautiful evening.  We had two delightful couples over for dinner.

As most of you know, I hosted book club this week.  
As promised, I took lots of pics. 

While I was waiting for my guests to arrive, I took some behind-the-scenes photos.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this photo.  I am having so much fun styling my Mackenzie Childs Everything Bowl.  It is a great size.

The Mister made my favorite croutons ala corn bread and sea salt.  

We had 11 ladies.  My table seats 8 comfortably so we added a four-foot table at the end which worked out perfectly.

If you're wondering why I have so many flowers on the table, it's because I gave one of these plants in a small blue and white cachepot as a party favor.  They were a big hit.

Some of the ladies mentioned that they still use the vase that I gave them last year.

Here is the Mister whipping up his magic.
If you're wondering if I ever help him, I don't.
He tells me the best thing I can do for him is stay out of his way.
I'll take that as a compliment. 
What he is really saying is that my beauty and sex appeal is too distracting.

Apps included buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomato tarts,

and more tarts of prosciutto and melon with ricotta mousse. 

The Mister bought a box of these savory tart shells on Amazon.  They worked out great - they are delicious as well as easy to arrange.  We even had enough for our second party this weekend.

Another app was pistachio and basil pesto palmiers.

I received these darling MC napkins from my friend Patti of Pandora's Box. 

Everyone grabbed a glass of vino, some apps, and proceeded into the sunroom.

It was a warm night so I opened all the windows, and there was a lovely sea breeze.  Lucky for us, no stinky low tide smell.

On the coffee table, The Mister placed a fabulous cheese board on my new Mackenzie Childs Rattan Tray.  I like it so much I just might get my Sista one for Christmas.  Don't get excited, Sista, I said "might."

The Mister made a fabulous watermelon and feta salad with pickled red onions and fresh mint in this MC bowl.  

He also made grilled carrots, eggplant, and corn bread croutons on this Mackenzie Childs large serving plate.

And last but not least, a trio of kebabs:
chicken/ red pepper/ chicken sausage
filet/ cipollini onion/ pancetta
pork/ cherry tomato/ eggplant

For dessert, we noshed on lemon bavarian cream with fresh berries.

Every month I look forward to seeing these lovely ladies.
We all had a great time but missed our absent members, Anne and Kathy.

Until next time...

Unfortunately, Chowdah could not join us for that night because he was at the kennel sleep-away camp.  
Chili was there in all her glory and even read the book!

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